Title: Avoiding Inertial Crash Mode
Author: LeeDavis
Category: RANDOM
Published: 2017-02-28 11:26:13
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Avoiding Inertial Crash Mode
It took SO looooong to get to the point I'm @ now, it almost seems like a fever dream now that I'm actually situated as I've been trying to get for the last 2 years, and now the physical reality of the daily management of the enterprise has generated some inertial drag, that, if I'm not careful, could overwhelm and crash the whole project. It's not that it can get out of control. It's that, even as slow as I'm trying to move and not rush anything that absolutely has to be done, what I need to do requires the work of multiple hands, simultaneously. But, as I'm in the process of injecting content, I'm not able to start promotion to my target market until I have enough high-quality (personally-generated) content. Preferably, in the neighborhood of 120 pieces or so. Roughly 20 pieces per each section heading, of which there are six. This is the most dificult part of the whole enterprise. I need that many, so that I can get the bulk of the content indexed in multiple engines simultaneously to generate that stream of organic traffic (the SEO benefits weigh more than a Blue Whale). I have more laser-targeted infomation about where and how to generate other organic traffic streams than I can even decide to start loking at, but it's not going to happen unless I get the initial foundation laid with the content inventory. Besides, who wants to come to an article directory and read 3 pieces and a whole lot of Latin filler text (lol!)?

If I do this the way I went over in my head, I should have a rock-solid, invested community in less than 6-to-8 weeks. Closing the content injection aspect gives me back time to plan the first of several upgrades to the social facet of the site in relation to intramural communications and so on. There's this amazing FB-type comment wall that I caught out in the wilds of either Github, Hot Scripts, Sourceforge, or CNET (I can't remember), which, is BRILLIANT for my needs as far as ease-of-integration into the overall custom CMS running, but will require a rewrite from MySQLi to PDO in a minimum time of either a week or two weeks depending on the scope going in. I made sure I documented my initial attempt so that I have some ken of where I left off and what had to be done to achieved my previously-stated aims. What's actually keeping from getting too squirrelly about the prospects of what has to be done, is the memory of me banging face on desk trying to get the whole thing together in the first place and Derping out about how what I wanted to do didn't seem to want to get done. That's why I'm making this blog post as another injection of high-quality, personally-generated content to help add to the overall goal total. It also helps as it sets in motion the work ethic to help actually get this done today rather that string it out until the end of the week. I've already surpassed the 20-piece goal in the Articles section header, but there are 5 more to go, and I just don't to fall off and put only 10 each (as they all each have more than 5 pieces already), so I can get onto the next phase. Like I said, if I wanna win, gotta stick to the plan...