Title: Welcome To The Complex
Author: LeeDavis
Published: 2017-02-25 22:39:13
Clicks: 93

Thank you SO MUCH for your presence here at the Promodrone Social Publishing Complex. I'm Lee Davis, owner, admin, and only member (currently). What do I mean by the (long-tail) phrase "Social Publishing Complex"? It was an idea I'd kicked around; a content directory about more than just trying to generate advertising revenues. Yeh, I know, EzineArticles has got a fully-functional community setup, but, I felt, the community wasn't at the heart of what they did. Personally verifiable having formerly been a member there. I was driven to such apoplectic fits of mental incohesion at trying to publish even the most simply worded article topic based on personal experience. Their draconian editorial standards were fit to squeeze the life out of the written word as I know it. I've been writing from an educated, practiced place for the last twenty years, even being paid for content generation, copywriting, fiction/non-fiction, etc. When I have a simplistic piece, devoid of even the slightest reek of obtuse verbosity and get the Heisman face-grab yank-back to the locker-room, I figure it's time to make with the bale. You're supposed to make it EASIER for your members to publish their thoughts and share their knowledge.

I understand the need to ensure a steady stream of high-quality article content with a large number of currently-relevant topical categories to get the edge on the niche leadership. But what can help put you in the upper SERPs rankings is the creation of a motivated, DRIVEN community willing to get down in the trenches to make sure everyone else loves your content publishing as much as they do. What you need to do is ensure that the community that (you hope) will form around your content directory is supplied with at least the basics of all their needs. Things like article submission tools that help them format the presentational aspects of their content prior to pressing the submit button. Or a concentrated cache of resources that they can both partake of and add to. Let's not leave out the ability to talk to/at one another and exercise the rituals of mass member real-time silliness. Even with covering all the potential bases for membership incentivization offerings, please do not forget one of the cardinal rules that works online as well as off; "Do unto others...". Meaning that, if you want to get your whole community behind you, they'd better know well before-hand that you'll be behind them completely and reciprocally. The socialization of the article directory niche isn't a new concept, but, I want to urge any and all readers of this article to consider a membership here at the Promodrone Social Article Exchange as well as point a friend or two wishing to find a new content community for their high-quality submissions.

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