Title: The Exciting World Of Microjobs
Author: LeeDavis
Published: 2017-02-17 21:08:08
Clicks: 302
Finally starting to get the traction I want for building upon my hard-won foundation. The current project involves the exploitation of the microjob network. This is a large number of sites of this ilk, of which the best known is probably Freelancer. Web developers, graphic designers, online marketers and any recombinance of those three frequent these sites looking for work and competing with thousands of others to grab up one (or many) of the thousands of contracts floating around on these sites daily.

I got the idea for "Microjob ATM" a few months ago while I was familiarizing myself with many of the sites on the network and, as I navigated them, I had ideas that I knew would be valuable later so I decided to write it all down while I was in the midst of it. After editing, I ended up with twenty-three non-fluff pages that I was happy to put my face and name to (lol!). The great thing about this for me was that it was a whole "in the moment" work that referenced everything I was doing in real-time.

This one has to be ridden long-term. I know for a fact, that this isn't even a subject broached by any of the sale topics that I've investigated. It's just a case now of figuring out how to ripple effect the promotion outward to other sympathetically resonant profit centers. YES, it was written for the microjob network circuit, but I have to feeler more circles I could introduce this to. As it stands, I'm using technique upon technique in this endeavor. This effort is still managing to follow dictates I set for myself in my previous eBook, "Better Living Thru Redhat", which I'm about to take out of the signup game and drop it into my microjob sales inventory if no takers (pity for them).