Title: Working ON (not IN) The Business
Author: LeeDavis
Category: RANDOM
Published: 2017-02-17 21:07:50
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I don't remember where I heard/read the phrase "Don't spend your time working IN your business, but, rather ON it", but, it's taken me almost a decade of toil before I actually understood the import of it. Having actually gotten to a plateau I wanted to be at 10 years ago, everything about the online entrepreneurial seems different. It's the same as if you weren't able to see well, and then someone gives you a pair of glasses in your exact prescription. I actually got my presciption about two days ago. My main mission was to build something that helped satisfy my divergent interests in Web Development, Content Generation and Marketing, Music, Computers, Science, and infantile, toilet-bowl water-drenched humor (lol!).


On August 19th, I was technically pleased with the web application and went back to dot Is and cross Ts. As I readied the promotional ad page, it hit me all at once that for the first time in all my efforts to pull off online stunts, I was actually technically up to par and it was helping to inform my every move. It helped me realize that the monetization plan I had for one of the sites in the web application ring was detrimental to the spirit in which it had been installed. In fact, monetization isn't a large part of the equation. I'm just excited to see it go.