Title: The Earth Is Starting To Move
Author: LeeDavis
Published: 2017-05-03 14:33:29
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The Earth Is Starting To Move

I've been at this for a number of months now. I realized a long time ago that if you were going to really be selling eProduct or service, it's better to have it be an ORIGINAL product marketed to a niche that was starving for it. It's funnier than a whole passel of punch-in-the-groin videos watching people still try to sell eProducts from 2009 when the tech to use them has changed considerably or the coding they were depending on before doesn't work anymore.

I made sure that I did a whole whack of preparatory research in order to pull this off. I figured out what were a few of the main problems from where I stood as a content practitioner, then set out to see if my daily/weekly routine actions were enough to fit the bill. As it was to be a factual (and at times, step-by-step) tutorial, I attempted to use images when I felt the textual concepts warranted them.

Even though I had the outline for a solid effort, I ended up trimming the eBook to under 50 pages. I didn't want my product accused of being pumped up with any sort of fluffery. Besides, it wasn't as if I based it on anything else other than personal experience FROM RIGHT NOW in 2017, and I wanted nothing more than to bring out a completely different infomation product than was already out on the market. I've read thousands of eBooks over the years with advice ranging from bad to terrible to downright illegal, so I knew what I wanted to avoid with this one.

After intensive proofreading, I found myself with a finished product, a complete sales copy writeup, and an eCourse facility to both reinforce the eBook, and be a selling leverage point for those who weren't willing to pay the product price up front.

The eCourse was something that developed of its' own accord as I mentally extrapolated that it might be a good idea to extend the product this way as I had so much backup information on my eBook topic that it would've been a waste not to include it.

It's been a real struggle to get the clinical trials on it completed as I'm using techniques from the eBook as a roadmap of how to point a tsunami of organic traffic at whatever sale or service project I choose to promote. The most onerous thing is the fact that I've had to start using Alexa™ to try and track how well the sites I'm choosing to use perform. It's all starting to go, so I don't want to get caught sleeping when it takes off.