Title: Chooglin' Down The Road Apiece...
Author: LeeDavis
Published: 2017-03-25 18:05:52
Clicks: 63
So it's been the end of the product creation/promotional aspect cycle, and I'm almost ready to air this thing out to market. I'm getting the pre-launch cold-foot jitters, but I'm deternmined to see this through. Luckily, I've still got to iron out a few technical issues (application and not execution), and I wanted to give myself a bit of a break before I got to the alpha-testing.

Not that I don't have complete faith in my construct as it was written straight from my weekly work routine, but I'd like to be able to counter some naysayer by illustrating that it DOES work as written. And it'd be unforgivable to the potential buying public as I know that it's been done before. But, I'm glad I based it on real-time processes I'm using now.

This tutorial guide is directed at entry-level to professional content producers with an emphasis on how to both generate laser-targeted BUYER trafic for their content and sites and saleable inventory (with the lions' share focus on Private Label Rights items). As well, the optimal sales locations, site classification approaches, and tools for leveraging the info are laid out within the text of tutorial. If you can read, you will get this. It's going to require WORK, but if you're willing, you'll get something out of it. I'm just making sure every T is crossed and every I is dotted...