Title: Annnnnnnnnnd It's A Wrap!
Author: LeeDavis
Published: 2017-03-17 14:46:40
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Annnnnnnnnnd It's A Wrap!

Current Information Product Completion

I created an info-product recently that was factually- and link-based that I had always assumed was common sense, but then I realized, and especially THESE days, that Common Sense is anything but. I like that I decided to document it with in-depth detail, imagery, and location provision. And GIVE IT AWAY NOW (lol!). Contrary to all those people only interested in the quick, affiliate-commission driven buck. What I'm going to do is offer it up for $0.00 for list building purposes. This leads to prepping for the product launch.

Creation of the product email list signup form page which will sell the merits of the info-product and target the exact reason why any page visitor would want to join. Already have the HTML/CSS template, just have to find the signup page script I wrote awhile back that sends the contents of the form to two different email addresses. That way, I can recieve notification that someone joined the list and simultaneously tripped off their autoresponder series which drip feeds the info product to them in bi-weekly doses. It's madness how simple it all is now. The last piece of the puzzle is having the sales items on offer to include within the text of the autoresponder email footer.