Title: Wow..., Nice One, Google.
Author: LeeDavis
Category: REVIEWS
Published: 2017-03-25 17:38:41
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Is it me, or did Google™ kill their own golden goose? You DO realize that PageRank™ is NO LONGER PUBLIC?!?!? WHA-WHA-WHAT!?!?!?! What in the name of Sanity is going on over there? Now, in the aftermath of singularly locking down the search world, they yanked the one reason for existence out from underneath the SEO industry in one fell swoop. I mean, this is actually going to put the kibosh on quite a few industries that depended on the existence of PageRank™ for their daily bread. I'm especially interested to see how it affects the microjob SEO practitioners now that it's not so easy to manually-construct strategy to increase site and domain rankings.
You'll still be able to see the results of your rankings, but gone are the warm-and-fuzzies of being able to show everyone that you know and their mothers how good your VRE is doing via that very absent indicator. But, for those that KNOW the time, it's a new world. And a new freedom that comes with this chosen move. Think about it; now, you can be free of the "need" for SEO. You probably are more than likely attempting to use your site or domain for some sort of revenue generation. Whether it's to sell advertising space, or eProduct, or services, or WHATEVER is its' singular motivation decided long-ago, pre-launch as was per your decision as owner and admin.
You don't have a boss at this point. Why would you let someone tell you what you can or can't do with your site (barring taking it into zones of illegality)? You lose traction in Google™ because you want to sell links to your homepage? You lose traction as you want your money-making, traffic-driven content to bring as many people to your products and services as possible? I've never gotten it how a single search engine was able to cow almost the whole Internet into playing their little game. I'm like, well, there's about TEN MILLION OTHER search engines out there, so if I hit up a small fraction of them (about 1000 or so), I can get all the organic search traffic I need to keep my VRE flush with laser-targeted BUYER traffic.
Between this tactic, and the method that I just wrote over the last six months using content (and not Bum) marketing, I wouldn't have a problem even if my domain were sandboxed over @ Google™. It's hilarious that I haven't seen a bunch of doomy editorial rants (and even if they DID exist, I wasn't lookin' fer 'em, lol!) about the death of publicized PageRank™ and the Web in its' aftermath. Wow...crazy-ass shit. Since I've never been dependent on PageRank™ ever, I'm almost just making an academic exercise in content generation and thinking out loud (have to keep the old chops up, y'know). But I still am surprised that this news went a bit under the radar - WebProNews.com HAD to have referenced this...I'll be checking them soon.