Title: $0.00 Self-Hosted Autoresponder Scripts, Software, and Plugins
Author: LeeDavis
Published: 2017-03-09 10:39:02
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This is the proof that wraps the tongues around the necks of any okey-doke, walk-of-shame, marketing rectal canal having the nerve to tell you to suck it up and pay for that which can be freely found (and, widely available) with some high-powered pure search ability. Their interest defaults to generating a whole passel of useless chickenheaded-squawk all over the Internet from a bunch of mental lemmings parroting diseased-ass marketingisms until sheer fatigue (as well as being soundly-mocked and roundly-ignored in most quarters) forces a meekly-raised white flag.

Originally, a list of resourcing for $0.00 autoresponder scripts, some of the following info was uncovered at the end of 2012, but the nature of online flux dictated a current recheck for 2017, and now I KNOW I can say that there's a bunch of lazy-ass bastards out there pretending they know anything about Marketing. Heh, by the time I got to example 14, I wasn't even really trying anymore. Between the 3 search query tabs I had open, I found things like software this time that wasn't even on the radar in my initial research. To be fair, a lot of this I was LOOKING for out of all the results that I flooded my eyeballs with. I'm just glad I was able to surpass my simple goal of just replicating an old piece of content as accurately as possible.


There is no way you shouldn't be able to benefit from at least one of these applications. I've personally searched down all listed here, BUT, if you still need MORE than any of the listed resources here can supply, it's time to spend some money...or get lucky at search bingo. Anyone with the intestinal fortitude for more needle-in-a-haystack treasure discovery check this link. Good luck, help save yourself money, and prove the "Gurus" Wrong (lol!).

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