Title: Custom CMS Squabbles
Author: LeeDavis
Category: CODING
Published: 2017-02-18 19:07:58
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Custom CMS Squabbles

Having had the initial project in the CodeIgniter framework go south due to hacking issues that I was at no level to invest further time and effort into trying to defend against, I knew for sure that I was going to have to go back to PHP/PDO. It was actually a welcome change, since I was missing the ability to explicitly recombine mini-app functionalities into a whole unified framework construction. I do miss my old app, but this new one is absolutely a beast of a codebase and exactly what I was looking for in terms of custom foundation. Having sifted amongst all the digital product (freeware/open-source) acquired since late December 2016, I found the suitable tools needed to drive the domain foward in an efficient, secure manner.

Domain landing page

I haven't felt this good about a project in a long time. The only thing I'm thinking now is trying to stuff as much content in as I can handle in the next few days after the relaunch promotion is a few days underway to bring my site serps up from the basement (lol!).