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Some of the slickest, easiest traffic comes from the Q&A website typology just happening to possess one among the very best visitor conversions betwixt all niches currently. No surprise being these sites managing the achievement of authority purveyor in the eyes of the search engines, with Quora.com being the "it", apex niche site.

Completely free-to-browse, Question & Answer sites offer shards of content by-the-minute for ravenous search engine spiders to consume and index, and they're perpetually partial to the rate of content output of this niche. With super-low Alexa ranking numbers (with Quora being within the top 300 sites variance), that's a ton of traffic for anyone to make the most of.

The significance of these sites for traffic is dual-purpose; posting valuable solutions (laden with serious quality), that become best answers get community approval and platform-awareness that points out externally to confer "authority" standing upon your profile. Further, you are allowed to put links (multiple even) within the answer body, provided the answer was a loaded cannon with top ranking & votes as well as the reward of the authors' resource box URL link.

Those seeking answers are the best bet for apt to click-through on an authors' resource box URL if the answer they recieved was a skin-tight fit and really helped them out of the jam that created their question in the first place. Unlike alternative traffic sources, Q&A platform denizens are BUYERS actively seeking engagement on obtaining help with the most vexing of issues.

Now, to be fair, you're probably throwing your hands up over your face thinking that just navigating Quora is going to be a sheer hassle. You're in stone-cold luck that there's a custom tool at Quora Scraper that saves yer bacon (lol!). OR, if you have the talent and want access to the code source underneath - ANOTHER Quora Scraper


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