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One of the ORIGINAL 'Work-At-Home' multi-billion dollar niches, transcription is still the same legitimate, profitable beast it's always been. And STILL, just as criminally-overlooked as a daily source of income for all in desperate, needy straits. With thousands of agencies in every state in the U.S., as well as countless thousands WORLDWIDE, you pretty much see the workings of a legitimate industry up front and center.

The main disadvantage of this industry is the fact that it's such a pro-active time-suck. It's quite easy to lose large chunks of it on labor-intensive activities like constant listening and rewinding of MP3/MP4 files in order to decipher sonorous accents and regional speech patterns. Common knowledge of common difficulties extant in the field deters all but the doggedly-determined from a "fast-cash" approach to this niche.

The most determined of the bunch understand that, "the more, the merrier" approach is required to guarantee a large monthly return on their concerted efforts. Here is a small sampling of the more visible sites in this niche to date;

TranscribeMe: PayPal™-disbursement ($15-to-$22/Audio HR)

REV: PayPal™-disbursement ($2-to$30/HR | mthly avg: $245)

GoTranscript: PayPal™-disbursement ($0.60/Audio File | mthly avg: $150)

SpeechPad: PayPal™-disbursement ($2.50/Audio Minute)

Scribie: PayPal™-disbursement ($5-to-$25/HRLY | mthly avg: $200-to-$300)

It's one thing to know you're in an industry that has a track record of providing income to those investing time and effort into it, but, it's quite another to have the tools and strategies allowing one to make profit extraction a daily part of an entrepreneurial routine. With transcription navigating MP3/MP4 file formats, it's expedient to have a cache of tools and techniques allowing a scalarity-based income only limited by the abilities of the individual transcriptionist in relation to their leveragement of available process resourcing.

Unlike the hype embedded in the "Make Money Online" niche, you'll have to generate some sweat to reap the rewards of your investment of time and effort. In view of the monthly averages of some of the listed sites, making a small fortune is indeed within the grasp of those who have more than enough hunger for the need to be paid.


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