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TEN VERY REAL Ways To Make Money Online

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[Note: The mention or exposure of URL targets throughout the article may result in the disbursement of commission payments for the article Author]

If you're not a seasoned entrepreneur, then it may be hard for you to imagine that there are any "easy" ways to make money online, but, despite the record number of scams perpetrated in the name of this pursuit, it's all too real of a phenomena and not very difficult at all when examining the ten following ways that millions of people use everyday to make money online quickly and easily.

1) ClassifiedSubmissions
Established by network proprietor and owner Matthew May, ClassifiedSubmissions was constructed to be the logical heir to the Fed-crushed Backpages and rival to Craigslist for the acceptance of usage as a marketing community publishing point for affiliateship opportunities and other 'Make Money Online' promotional exposures. With a network spanning 1000s of classified ads pages (U.S. & Int'l.), as well as sustaining permanent blog links to heavyweights (Blogger™, Wordpress™, ETC.), ClassifiedSubmissions seems to be a logical choice for not only all your bulk advertising needs, but Mr. May has a few other intersting suprises up his sleeve for all visiting the URL in question.The affiliateship pays regularly and is a VERY REAL WAY to make money online!

2) Fiverr
The APEX microjob freelancing site, Fiverr has recently come to wild prominence with commercial notoriety stemming from their 2020 Superbowl ad featuring a cheekily-insouciant provider on their network and the benefits that the account had for the economic viability of the provider. It's brought to light the successful execution of Remote Work and been one of the leaders in the forefront of the popularity of Stay-At-Home profit. The affiliateship promises a return of $100 per every new account brought into their network.

3) Tutor.com
Have a skill that you think could benefit students WORLDWIDE? Signup with Tutor.com to provide tutorial content and get paid whenever you want! And, par for the course since 2020, you can provide that content REMOTELY. Teachers and others with a background in the Academics are most obviously going to profit from this setup as a continuation of how Remote Learning is currently-executed. Using the provided virtual classroom tools, tutors can connect with their student audience and provide informational services (currently only open to those in the U.S. and associated territories).

4) Mturk.com
Actually pre-dating Fiverr as a crowdsourced microwork marketplace, MTurk makes it easy for those who need manual, time-consuming tasks reduced to minutes rather than the hours needed to execute the particular manuevers relevant to the profit project at-hand. By leveraging the help of thousands of users in leveraged distribution of effort worldwide, entrepreneurs and other investors turn to this microtasking network daily, resulting in 1000s of job requisitions filed on-site.

5) ejury.com
"A trial by jury is fundamental to the American scheme of justice.", is a famous legal quote proclaimed on the front-page of eJury and the underlying inspiration for revenue generation from the participation of individuals in mock jury trials (as a supreme form of Constitutionally-inflected training for both U.S. lawyer and jury pool participant). One of the ultimate 'Focus Group' formats, eJury pays relatively decently for their high-minded Civics-ness.

6) Advertising Arbitrage
Quite simply, you find people looking for services like submission, copywriting, graphics...ANYTHING connected to the advertising process that marketers and entrepreneurs require in order to make money on their various profit projects and you either provide them with automation or farm it out to pre-determined contacts who'll perform the fulfillment (for a fair share, indeed). This one income stream alone is mined by the resourceful daily. In fact, sites like Fiverr & MTurk capitalize on this sort of thing...

7) Content Creation
The fact that the Internet is a vast repository of information belies the importance of Content as the inspiration of and end-target of Search. Writing is a service very much in-demand daily, from Reporters and Journalists to Writers and Content professionals. Sometimes, all that's needed is to hang out the shingle somewhere and see what the wind blows in...

8) Stock Photography Provision
Just like Content, Stock Photography is an essential part of Internet Marketing and marketing media in general and is always in-demand for the quality level associated with the product. And, again, just like Content, you canjust put out the word (and examples of) showing you have somewhat of a stash and you'll start the interest flowing. And with multiple vending arenas (forum marketplaces like Digitalpoint), you shouldn't have difficulty moving product.

9) Video Creation
If the predominance of video sharing sites (YouTube™, Vimeo™, ETC.) is any clue, video creation services are in-demand 24-7 any and everywhere they can be found on offer. Unlike its' namesake, Video Creation allows a greater flexibility in the dressup and extrapolation of your marketing message. Unlike some of the money-making methods on this list, there are innumerable video creation and editing tools at the freeware designation (Windows Movie Maker 6 - the in-house choice in the article Author universe).

10) Affiliate Marketplace Product Sales
Because the nature of affiliate product marketplaces (JVZoo™, Clickbank™, ETC.) are such that the residual back-end payments of hot, popular-selling products can go into years of cyclical remunerations for resourceful affiliate agents and are responsible for BILLIONS of dollars of commission disbursements over the past two decades. BUT, because of the dog-eat-dog competitive nature of the proceedings, many fledgling marketers opt to build deep, double opt-in lists to sell products to on a daily basis as the general Public isn't too in need of some of the offerings in this spectrum.

And, there you have it; TEN VERY REAL ways to make money online. There is, of course, one more guaranteed method of income stream generation that involves thinking outside of the box on to see real profit from; Information Product creation. If you're proficient in software creation (UBot™, MacroRecorders, ETC.), you already have a MASSIVE advantage, and it's up to your imagination (or, an imaginative, informed reading of your target market) where your profit levels come in at. Even eBook creators and Make Money Online publishers have it gravy as the multi-millions of dollars in product/services sales attest to.


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