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Stats Sites As Instant Rank Builders

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Did you know that you can get almost INSTANT rankings of any BRAND-NEW site and have the search engines practically
GIVING you top billing for them? With this (almost) no-brainer system, you'll have a network you can tap into to send
massive amounts of link juice to any other online project you're working on as well. As a bonus, you can create as many
contextually-linking wheel rings to help supercharge your web project performance like a nitrous-oxide driven rocket.

Using what are commonly-known as either website valuation, or, website statistics sites, you really can rocket up the SERPs
if you apply the following methodology in small chunks rather than large slabs so as to not make this activity seem like
artificial inflation (for which there are pre-requisite penalties). The beautiful thing about sites of this typology is that
they create site backlink pages (with YOUR domains' URL) DYNAMICALLY - without the need for account establishment.

Lending the whole process a preternatual sense of speed and ease, just think of it as "On-the-fly-SEO", it's almost that
powerful. You just show up, paste your domain name in the input box, and...VOILA! An instant link on site pages regarded
almost on the same level as domains like .edu and .gov. Search engines love and RESPECT these sites.

A well-known example of this niche is alexa.com, which will give you the url below when plugged into their input box;


The search engines are CONSTANTLY trollling these pages for new entries to index, so your project has a better chance of
attracting BUYER traffic and resultant sales of your product or service. To REALLY gain traction for your web property,
between 20-to-50 entries are more than enough for rapid indexation - or maybe you'd like to utterly squash the keyword
competition, so you go with the 100-to-500 entry option. Depending on how hardy your attention span happens to be. This
is meant to help get a site with no rankings indexed in AT LEAST a twenty-four hour period (may be less or more depending).



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