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Hello, my username is LeeDavis, and I'm the owner and administrator of this classified adboard. Was there a definite target market outcry for a site of this configuration? Erm...not-so-much (lol!). It was actually more of a personal challenge that birthed this current flotation device. As an experienced web developer and on/offline marketer, I realized in the last few years that the advertising niche was truly where I'd find my wings (and fortune).

As a multi-billion dollar niche, there are so many ways for the resourceful entrepreneur to get in where they fit in, that I have to laugh when I hear cryin'-ass forum losers venting about their inability to sell anything. If you can't make money from advertising, you may well want to get an offline job and never look back. Via automation and Charlie Hustle, you can write as big a ticket for yourself as you're motivated to. The ad game is as wide and deep as the Ocean (and, maybe, just a tad bit more trecherous, lol!) and you need to make sure your personal capsule is air-tight with no leaks before descent.

There's no competition for what's being erected right now because it's on a whole other dimensional existence. YES. It's a (primarily) advertising-based site. And that's all there is in common with any other site offering advertising services. What's different is what being offered where. In the marketer ad resource relevancy field, it seems that (almost) everyday, there's a different "safelist" or "traffic exchange" or "viral mailer" or some other type of marketing-specific advertising site typology entrant getting released into the ecosystem and attracting the same viewer/participant audience composition.

Leading to poor sales, waves of consumer indifference, and, eventually, complete enterprise entropy. Why? 'Cuz they court the Tire-Kicker...that cheap fucker of a greedy asshole of a shit-smeared fecal-faced ass-hat of a cock-smoking moron greasy-ass tar-and-feathered crack of a clit-clamp! They make a Born Hustler schitz-out and want to mow them down like InCels in white vans with loads backed-up to their sad-assed, pathetic-and-weak eyeballs. The galaxy-wide sense of entitlement embedded in that clown of yobbos (the new term for groups of Morons) is enough to make any Jedi turn to the Dark Side in a micro-heartbeat.

If anything, the example set by World 2.0 is that there are no more free rides. Those that continue to beat the drum of a dead-horse-skinned enterprise are doomed to dismal failure. There is no room for growth in the 'free ad site account' revenue model as there is a finite pool of interested and/or active potential members and the competition for them is only going to get more fierce later on this decade as countless new sites (by the same group of people) keep springing up relying on voluntary upgrades for remuneration while banking on the platinum of the email list that comes with it.

The Social Marketing Classified Adboard is in a class of its' own (ooch...couldn't resist), and unconcerned with prevailing advertising trends as there are two distinct advantages engendered in the very bones of the project itself (which will only be refered to as a tease since the Competition is reading as well, lol!)...As the creator of the site, I want you to know that while you're out trying to further the lifespan of your profit projects, the adboard is bringing target traffic to both the site and your ads within. Thanks so much for your time and investment (if you're a Member reading now). It's about YOU.


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