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Convert PLR Products Into UNIQUE Profits!

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As multi-billion dollar as the whole PLR (Private Label Rights) Licensing information product business is, 99% of Online Marketing N00bz haven't the slightest idea of how to manipulate these treasures into original, personal profit generators. Here's an extremely-condensed version for the quickly-perceptive and technologically-capable…

1) Custom search your computer hard drive(s) with the query, "PLR" or keywords of the type of items you'd like to sell
(as an alternative, popover to your local search engine with the query "index of /PLR" + "your keyword here" for items)

2) Locate "text-to-speech" freeware that allow you to convert .txt file contents to 'spoken' .mp3 files or "article-to-video" freeware (.txt-to-mp4)
(These software applications allow you to convert the content from one form to another to generate a completely-new product from the source files)

3) Navigate to sites like advertising sites & forums, webmaster & freelancer sites, and ad forums and forum marketplaces to locate & sell to clientele

As a right bonus for those TRULY "Cooking With Gas", create an HTML or PDF "Cheatsheet" with those previously-discussed threesome of profit-potential pointers to sell within any of the previously-delineated Buyer Traffic areas. These two approaches ALONE are responsible for multi-millions in profits for savvy Entrepreneurs who work fast and furiously to deliver product to market repeatedly; day-in, and day-out.


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