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The THREE WORST Viral Marketing Ploys...EVER

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Viral Marketing is (in and of itself) a grand thing to happen to any profit project needing to quickly and easily spread highly-charged "Word-of-Mouth" promotional marketing-based messaging. In expert hands, it can launch sites, make (or break) Brands, and help to establish eCommerce dynasties. Inexpert hands have, of course, made this process a mockery by managing to deftly suck the joy from the execution of the methodology of Social Discovery.

Here are three Viral Marketing practices that need to see the inside of a casket (and, YESTERDAY) to add some integrity to to the Online Marketing niche;

1) The "Tell-A-Friend" Script
This rank piece of trash, as well as being the motivator of a thousand different Spam Attacks-per-millisecond, this ugarbage coding is a despised icon and (thankfully) kicked to the curb in favor of less-intrusive methods of external site trending notifications (as can be found on most Social Media sites as of late).

2) Purchased or Rented Email Lists
Remember outfits like NextMark? No...? Neither do millions of other marketers that choose options like AWeber™ or a dozen alternate mass-email solutions that work on a daily basis. Purchased or rented lists have their place in bulk advertising campaigns, but you want to develop your own "Buyers' List" to ensure the maximum response (above %15) to all your commercial messaging needs.

3) Automation-driven Bulk UCE
No matter HOW TEMPTING IT IS...never just get so lazy you acquire a high-powered SMTP eMail sender application for the express purpose of spamming every "Free-For-All" marketer-based mailing enclave on the Internet for mere pennies. Or, harvest from ad sites, forums, and other public posting areas where People really aren't the sharpest of the marbles in all the draws...REGARDLESS IF YOUR TARGETS ARE MARKETERS!!!!! JUST DON'T DO IT!!!!! Viral Marketing is a brilliant means of bringing exposure to trending promotion of messages of importance to the intended market, but it's MUCH more effectivewhen purveyed from one mouth to its' highly-influencible ears-access.

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