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As a promotional instrument, the Classified Advertising niche is a multi-billion dollar profit-driven discipline requiring steadfast organization and extensive planning when employing 'scalarization marketing'. The process of multiple advertising submission in a single sitting (anywhere from 10-to-25), it's only for the most disciplined of marketers being a task fraught with mind-numbing boredom with an exponentially-increased chance error of insertion toward jobs' end. The prevailing market wisdom recommends outsourcing this task (something driving the current success rates of sites like Fiverr™, Zeerk™, and a host of other microjob freelancing sites), with any number of agencies standing ready to help fulfill any promotional and marketing needs experienced on a daily basis. But, who exactly do you trust with you advertising budget?

A big, ol' ugly swamp of a potential bear-trap on the ass, you want to go with a recognized market participant with the ability to rapidly-disseminate your message to the right arena(s) over as large a spectrum of similar interests (usually, a keyword-driven affair) in as short an amount of time as possible. If you'd like to cut to the chase, you probably see bulk advertising as an attractive, inexpensive means of marketing message transmission. When choosing a provider, there are a number of points to keep in mind - making sure to not just choose solely on the basis of a hidden-trap, low-priced "Bargain Offer";

* Is there a network of 1000's of Classified Ad Pages at their disposal?
* Can they provide PERMANENT LINKS to 100's of Web 2.0 Properties (Blogger™, Wordpress™, ETC.)?
* Do they use high-quality blog content posts on an exclusive network of subscribers?

These and other crucial pointers are indicative of the effect that an experienced provider can have on your bottom-line and also determine whether money spent with them will be well-worth it. Advertising with the network hailed as the "logical alternative" to both Backpages (shutdown by the Feds) and Craigslist (charging $5 base for ad posting currently), the webrings and other internal resources offered by classifiedsubmissions.com are designed to blast your commercial advertising into the stratosphere with their advertising submission service!

The MAJOR reason you should be availing yourself of bulk classified advertising involves the speed and volume of the attraction of (potential) Buyer Traffic as people peruse the classified ads to potentially buy something, not just kick tires. They need less convincing to buy than regular search traffic visitors. Classified ad submission still works, and for further proof please navigate to-->> ClassifiedSubmissions and pick a peck of packages!


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