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Antipodal Marketing Shift

Published: 2019-06-11 16:42:27
Author: Administrator

                  Antipodal Marketing Shift
Grayscale Photo of Explosion on the Beach

Like that fateful day down in the Bikini Atoll, when Man loosed the bond of the threat of Atomic destruction upon himself and all with him, the smoke and debris is just starting to let up to reveal a brand new marketing landscape arrangement for all those who got caught in the (silent, but deadly) blast.

There was no indication of this in the last few years. Stemming from the fact that they kept getting burnt by the crap, so-called “big-ticket” items pawned off by every rat-faced IM guru and their pockmarked grannies. Constantly-marketed as the last tools ever needed to make ridiculous profits, these trash bin contenders were released to much fanfare and profit, only to be spread all over the Internet by IM product thieves, and roundly panned as functionality nightmares.

In fact, the pivotal moment that drove me into Web Development was putting in a content script with security holes so large that a Mack™ truck could’ve easily driven right through it. Coming back after a day unattended and facing the Internet on its’ lonesome, this script was pretty much violated with complete gusto by a simple Blind SQL injection (know that now, but, then...not at all) from who knows where.

Besides pushing me to one of my current professions, this experience also taught me to ignore the whole IM product shuffle since I started noticing that, every few years, there was a cycle of a flurry of products that were badly-camouflaged knock-offs of the most popular products from two-to-three years before.

Just as my head was beginning to spin from this dilemma, and right as I was getting into Programming headfirst, I started visiting freeware sites for repetitive-task automation. I quickly maxed out on most of the sites as there weren’t powerful enough tools for the types of jobs I’d find myself doing (in fact, to this day, I’m still looking for a decent, self-hosted bulk URL checker).

Once I found out about the twin titans of the Coding world; Github and Sourceforge, it was off to the races. In fact, I can’t believe that more and more marketers aren’t making the switch into delving into what are commonly known as code repositories.

You’ll NEVER AGAIN buy an affiliate software product as you’ll be doing too well with all the money you’ll be keeping in your pocket that used to go to these things. There are a surprising number of enterprise-level applications just waiting to be discovered by those possessed of both patience and stamina. In fact, for every high-priced IM software performer, there exists its’ freeware doppelganger that (sometimes) performs comparably or BETTER!