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What do BACON and TRAFFIC have to do with each other? No TRAFFIC = No BACON (food symbolic of...MONEY)!

In order to cook the copywriting to make the bacon, your target URL needs all the traffic it can get in order to help it not only survive, but THRIVE.

If you're a regular advertiser (safelists,traffic exchanges, PTC, etc.), you KNOW you haven't been getting the bang that you should for what you shell out.

You now have a choice; most ad sites depend on YOU for about 70% of their promotional advertising propagation (i.e. signup promos and member drives),
and when they do advertise on behalf of the site, the membership is often referred to (even if glowingly) as a SITE asset.

Post your advertising where the site works FOR YOU! Welcome to the first, USER-CENTRIC advertising, marketing, and traffic generation services/by-products provided by an online/offline marketing agency.

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Just get to the link below for more info & signup form.